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Program Overview:




Unit Explanation:

Heritage is a Stage 1 unit of work developed at North Sydney Demonstration School as a result of professional development undertaken at the Transformation: Leading Quality Curriculum conference held in December 2008.

The unit of work aims to support students in the development of understandings about their personal and local heritage. It scaffolds them by making connections about their personal experiences and the heritage they see around them.

The unit is structured in the form of a 8 major periods in Australian history. In each period students will explore a major event or tradition, one artist, the dominant musical style, and an example of a tool, toy and transport that is typical of the time. Focusing on these particular aspects makes the planning and delivery manageable and allows students to connect their understandings by evaluating the developments that they see taking place.

Students will demonstrate their understandings through the assessment tool of a digital, or real life, 'Museum in a Box'. They will undertake three main assessments (which are attached) which will go into their box along with examples of their artwork based on the time periods they study. The assessments were designed around the Quality Teaching Framework.