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"The focus will never be on the technology. Rather, it’s the pedagogy that counts. It’s worth keeping in mind that laptops are only a tool. They’re at our disposal to make learning easier and more enjoyable and meaningful for children.” (Holmes, 2008)
As UNSW ICT Pedagogy Officer I have created a wikispace for lecturers and students that features great web links and resources. It is a work in progress.

UNSW 2011 Presentation

Karen's power point for schools to use:

Karen's planning tool for schools:

Presentation by Karen that features some good links and ideas for using the software:external image x-zip.png [[file/view/My presentation.pptx|My presentation.pptx]]

Audacity can be used in any subject in many ways such as:
  • A speech enhanced by music
  • A narrative that features music, sound effects, different voices
  • An advertisement
  • A famous speech such as 'I Have a Dream" that includes music from the period, critcial commentary by the students and news flashes from the period
  • Mathematics problems
  • A scientific report
  • A debate
  • News report
A power point with a link to an easy to follow tutorial has been included: external image pdf.png [[file/view/Audacity_basic_instructions.pdf|Audacity_basic_instructions.pdf]]

Audacity presentation:



Download YouTube clips: SaveyoutubeFabulous internet sites
WA Curriculum & Technology

Fabulous videos for Science, English, Maths, etc: Video Courses
Make movies online: animoto
Box of tricks - amazing list of educationbal sites and free software: Box of Tricks
Vodcasts by the world's leading academics: Academic Earth - fun tools such as timers, random name pickers, etc: educational games
Real time class sharing free tool - share presentations, ideas, etc with students and teacherswithin and across schools and countries:
IWB 2009 Conference presentions: IWB NET Conference
Travel Quizz: Travelpod
Befunky - turn your photos into artworks: Be funky
Smugmug - great images and videos: Remember the Milk- task management site alert to phone: Rememberthemilk
Voo2Do: collaborative sharing site for projects:mVoo2Do
Chatmaker - make your own secure chatroom for your students: Chatmaker
Animoto - BRILLIANT - make high end video content with special effects: animoto
Voicethread - have powerful conversations:Voicethread
KEEPVID - download video clips off the net and YouTube: Keepvid
Toondoo: make cartoons easily with thousands of choices: Toondoo
Goanimate - make animations: Goanimate
Podomatic - create,make, share and find educational podcasts: Podomatic
PqDVD - convert videos and animate photos: PQDVD
Amazing Indigenous wiki: 8ways
Have fun with photos